James Sturdee Counselling

Registered Psychological Counsellor - Private Practice

Counselling Information

I offer in-depth counselling programmes for anger management, stress management, couple counselling, skills for dealing with anxiety and / or depression, developing life skills and skills for building self-awareness.  I also offer career assessment and guidance.

The counselling process is built on a relationship of trust between the counsellor and the client.  As this relationship is established it provides a platform for the client to feel comfortable expressing themselves honestly without fear of judgement or disclosure.  The key to any form of behavioural change is first understanding the underlying reasons for this behaviour, and this is where counselling can be extremely helpful.  Counselling is different to self-help because you are encouraged to explore parts of yourself that you are unaware of that might be causing emotional discomfort and problems in your life.  This can be challenging but also very empowering!  Counselling is a potentially life-changing experience that can help you fulfill your potential and gain a deeper sense of peace and happiness.