James Sturdee Counselling

Registered Psychological Counsellor - Private Practice


    "I can confirm that James is a man of great integrity, is extremely dedicated to his patients and work, and is a consummate professional at all times. He is extremely talented and approaches each and every session with tremendous enthusiasm and positive energy."

    "Being a black woman in SA and being told many times that seeking  psychological services is simply un-african, I have found that his responsiveness to my 'thought' dilemma and his ability to work with me way back when we first met until now is testimony of his ability to perhaps breakdown first, the prejudice I might have had about his work field and second peeling the many layers a patient like me has to now comfortably acknowledge that I am African and I have sessions with a counsellor."

    "I cannot overstate the value of these aspects of his services and the importance of them to me."


    "So, about a year ago I dragged myself (by court order) kicking and screaming into therapy. I went online looking, initially, for a female therapist. James picture and online profile caught my attention.  With great skepticism I gave him a call. I have been through a lot of therapy with many different professionals and I didn’t think this time would be any different. Not believing in the process at all I figured, if I’m paying for it, I might as well try (again).  What a difference. James’ easy going manner, without compromising his professionalism, built the trust that I’ve never had with a therapist. He never probed deeper than I was willing to explore. He eases you into a path of self-awareness and helps you find the base of your beliefs. He makes you more aware of buttons and red flags. Small changes like exchanging the word “blame” for “responsibility”.  All of which leads to a healing process that lasts.  Being in therapy with James is not a plaster on a gaping, festering wound. It’s a deep clean, proper stitching and lasting after wound care, until there is just a well healed scar. It is heartfelt therapy. People have commented on how much happier I look, how much less aggressive, approachable, I am and that destination in this journey would not have been possible without James."